Wallpaper at the Madonna Inn

Have you ever daydreamed about throwing caution to the wind and re-designing your bedroom with a wildly exuberant, over the top color palate? Spend a night or two at the Madonna Inn and you might satisfy your urge without re-decorating your room (and possibly ruining your design reputation). Located in San Luis Obisbo, California, this legendary “resort style retreat” offers 110 boutique rooms, each decorated with a unique theme. With a kitsch factor that only Graceland could outshine, these rooms boast meticulous attention to design detail and an extreme visual stimulation that I have to admire. The resort includes a spa, steakhouse, cafe, and more. Cavern “Intern at Large” Karli Hendrickson went to the bakery on her road trip- thanks for bringing this place to my attention!

To see images of all the rooms and to learn more about the inn’s fascinating history, check out its website. This is a California institution that I definitely have to see in person some day. These rooms are like Wallpaper Heaven!

Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn


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