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Bombastic paintings by Brady Erickson at Shelter Half in LA.

Navajo Spoon from the 1930s

And check out our Navajo inspired Tapestry paper in Country Living Magazine October 2011

Courtesy of Ready for the House

Video Art: Gotye

“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye

Credits: Cinematographer/colorist Warick Field, body artist Emma Hack, scenic artist Howard Clark. Original artwork is by Frank de Backer. Bravo to all!

To see video click here. Gotye \”Some That I Used to Know\”

Dreamy Cape Cod House

Blackbirds on Bravo

I just heard from Karli Hendrickson, Cavern Intern-at-Large, that Bravo’s “Bethany Getting Married?” recently had a scene in which Bethany went shopping for baby clothes.  She apparently went to YOYA, an adorable shop in the west village, that prominently features Cavern’s Blackbird wallpaper.  Here are some cute shots from the store:

New York Watertowers in LA

Just got these installation shots from Social Control, a very cool production company in LA, that installed Tom Slaughter’sNYC Watertowers‘ last week.  I’d say the pattern holds up quite well on the West Coast.  Thanks for the photos Jessica!

Respecting Our Elders: Todd Oldham

What is it about Todd Oldham that makes him so inspiring? I see his work and my heart skips a beat. His books, his photographs, graphic design, products, and interiors all exude this organic, joyful quality.  His innocent, colorful quality translates perfectly to his ingenious Kids Made Modern project, an educational and crafty guide to design.  Maybe it’s Oldham’s ability to express his unique perspective in such a wide variety of different mediums that ultimately makes him so appealing.

In this blog, loosely dedicated to walls, patterns, and surface inspiration, I thought I would include a few images from his website of the interiors he has designed.  So cool:

Design Heroes: Josef Frank

This past weekend I stopped into Just Scandinavian, a design shop in TriBeCa, and I have been thinking about designer Joseph Frank ever since.  His wallpaper, textile, and furniture designs all exude the simplicity and vibrancy associated with Scandinavian design, but they also have a fanciful quality that is uniquely his own.  I love how it all looks so colorful and bold while still being refined and tasteful.  The shop keeper at Just Scandinavian described Frank as the “Swedish William Morris,” as both designers shared a passion for pattern and nature, and both came to define their respective national aesthetics.  I told her that walking into the store, I felt like I died and went to color heaven.

Check out Just Scandinavian- they have an online shop and sell home goods by Frank and other amazing designers!

Inspired Walls in Rihanna’s Latest Music Video

Rihanna’s latest music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, is one of the more original videos I’ve seen in a while.  My favorite sequence features some amazing sequences in a Keith Herring-inspired room.

Watch the video here.