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Behind the scenes of our new Artist Edition print by Annika Connor. Our new CHANDY print in production.

1. The screens live here.

2. Chandy the screen.

3. Paint palace- where paints are mixed and made.

4. Loooooooong screening tables.

4. Oh la la! It’s Chandy!

More Annika Connor for Cavern to come!

Day in the Life of Cavern

Marianna and I hard at work yesterday.  (I’m so into the Shake-It app for iPhone- can’t get enough.)

Exciting new wallpaper patterns coming very soon!



Cavern for Anthropologie

Last year, Cavern worked with Anthropologie and designed a wallpaper pattern sold exclusively by the retail megastore.  Like many Cavern patterns, this one is graphic and stylish, combining elements from nature with a modern sensibility.  Zebras poke out from an abstracted leafy pattern and almost look like plants themselves.

I just noticed the pattern is still available through the Anthropologie website- and it’s on sale!


Zebras long shotPicture 36

Picture 37

Wallpaper for a Cause :: Casa de Milagros

I just got a request for our “Casa de Milagros” wallpaper and realized it has been one year since we launched the project.  For anyone not familiar with it, designer Carly Margolis spent time at the Casa de Milagros (“House of Miracles”) orphanage in Peru.  She brought art supplies with her, and brought home drawings the children made.  She then scanned and patterned the designs into a wallpaper pattern, which we sell for proceeds.

Here are some pictures of the project.  I’m so happy we’re still making these sales a year later!







Casa de Milagros Wallpaper Pattern