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Vintage Vehicular Wallpapers

The amazing Karli Hendrickson sent us these vintage wallpaper samples from the book “Off the Wall” from the section titled “On the Go: By Land, Sea, Air and… Into the Wild Blue Yonder”. These papers from the 40′s-60′s, depict the many achievements in modern transportation of that time. These vehicular motifs were commonly used in men’s studies and young boys’ bedrooms.


Digital Printing

New Cavern intern Marianna and I visited Cavern’s digital printing facility today.  Yup, I said it: digital printing!  Until now, Cavern has focused exclusively on hand silk screened papers.  We will continue to silk screen all the patterns in our current library and many future patterns as well, but recent advances in digital printing make the process very attractive for wallpaper production.  From an artistic point of view, it allows much more freedom in terms of color, color gradient, texture, and shading.  And from an environmental point of view, it virtually eliminates waste, as we can print to order.  More details about the digital printing process soon!

Blank Canvas

General, Wallpaper History

Historic Wallpapers :: Adelphi Paper Hangers

For anyone truly interested in wallpaper history, you should know about Adlephi Paper Hangers, the premiere wallpaper house dedicated to historically accurate patterns and production.  Emphasizing eighteenth and nineteenth century papers, their collection includes wallpapers from institutions such as the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Smithsonian Institute.  Adelphi also researches and designs custom jobs for any individuals who have any  documents or wallpaper scraps of an old design.  Their wallpaper are made with the old fashioned wood block method.  In fact, Adelphi operates the only bloc printing facility dedicated to producing vintage patterns in the United States!  Very inspiring.

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How It’s Done (Part 2)

While many people are familiar with silk screening as an abstract concept, the process of turning a digital image into silk screened wallpaper is admittedly mysterious- and amazing.  Here’s an overview of the process.

First, we e-mail our digital files to the printing facilities.  The image is printed on special plastic paper, called film.  Then this crazy machine uses light to burn the film onto silk.


The silk screen allows paint to seep through to paper below only where the pattern should be. For a pattern such as our “Blackbird,” there may be two screens.

Paint is poured and distributed evenly…


And finally, the screen is washed with high powered hoses.


And voila!