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Better Homes & Gardens…and Wallpaper

Better Homes and Gardens Book Cover

Whenever I want inspiration, I open my “Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book,” published in 1961.  Boasting over 300 color illustrations, the guide mixes amazing photos of mid-century modern spaces with practical advice that still holds true almost fifty years later.

Today I’ll point your attention to the idea of patterning ceilings.  As Better Homes & Gardens points out, wallpaper on ceilings is smart when you want to lower a too-high ceiling or call attention to an unusual shape.  I would also add that wallpapering a ceiling adds an unexpected twist to any room and asserts a confident design aesthetic.  Depending on the style paper, the effect can range from edgy/cool to traditional/formal.  But no matter the aesthetic, ceiling wallpaper declares that you care about your space and demonstrates that you will make sassy choices to enliven it.  Remember: no risk no reward!

BHG Patterns Intro

Ceiling 1

Ceiling 2

Beautiful Homes Wallpaper

Wallpaper at its Best

These are some of the best installation shots I have ever seen.  I love how the paper is used in a unique space.  I love how the trees out the window add to the forest feel.  And with my ongoing interest in all the things you can do with wallpaper scraps, I love how the leftovers were used on the cabinets.  Brilliant!

And thanks for the pictures, Penny!



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