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Vintage Vehicular Wallpapers

The amazing Karli Hendrickson sent us these vintage wallpaper samples from the book “Off the Wall” from the section titled “On the Go: By Land, Sea, Air and… Into the Wild Blue Yonder”. These papers from the 40′s-60′s, depict the many achievements in modern transportation of that time. These vehicular motifs were commonly used in men’s studies and young boys’ bedrooms.

General, Wallpaper History

Off the Wall: Geometric

Intern at Large Karli Hendrickson just wrote me about a fantastic book she’s reading: “Off the Wall, Wonderful Wall Coverings of the Twentieth Century”  by Lena Lencek and Gideon Bosker. In the second section of this book “Circles and Squares- Geometrics, Abstracts, Op Art, Minimalist Art” the book explains that geometric motifs were typical of the 1950′s. Post World War II, low-cost screen printing inspired the production of more experimental and avant-garde patterns. Also during this time, an upwelling of ranch homes in the growing suburbs inspired the wallpaper industry to create bold patterns wallpaper to accent and jazz up the simple, open, and modern design of these ranch houses. Textile designs at this time were also very bold and featured prisms, grids, doodles, and loops of geometric inspired design.


Blackbirds on Bravo

I just heard from Karli Hendrickson, Cavern Intern-at-Large, that Bravo’s “Bethany Getting Married?” recently had a scene in which Bethany went shopping for baby clothes.  She apparently went to YOYA, an adorable shop in the west village, that prominently features Cavern’s Blackbird wallpaper.  Here are some cute shots from the store:


Patterns in Paintings: Barkley Hendricks

I’m a huge fan of Kehinde Wiley- especially the way he uses color and pattern to activate his canvas.  Cavern Intern-at-Large Karli Hendrickson just told me about another artist, Barkley Hendricks, who was born in 1948 and was a predecessor of Wiley.  Best known for his 1960′s and 1970′s portraits of people in urban American, Hendricks clearly shows a flair for pattern repeats.  Read more about him and his exhibition at the Studio Museum here.

Thanks for the heads up, Karli!

Beautiful Homes Wallpaper

Using Wallpaper, Even If You’re Afraid Of Commitment

Every once in a while, I get an e-mail from a customer that really stands out.  This one comes from Jennifer, who (like many people) was wary of installing wallpaper permanently.  She ended up mounting the paper onto foam core to great success:

Dear Cavern,

A bit more than two years ago I bought Blackbird in gold/brown.  I gave half to my mother as a gift and kept the other half for myself.  Frankly, though I own my own home, I just didn’t want to put it on a wall.  It felt like too big of a committment (any wonder why I’m still single?)  What if I redecorated?  What if I wanted the birds on a different wall?  What, heaven forbid, if I moved and had to leave it BEHIND?

Solution:  I dry mounted the wallpaper and framed it, so I can now move it around to my heart’s content.  And, even more importantly, take it with me wherever I go!

It’s stunning!  I currently have my framed wallpaper serving as a room divider.  I stare at my wallpaper and am filled with incredible joy by its beauty.

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer!  And congrats on the project!

Beautiful Homes Wallpaper, General

Wallpaper, wallpaper, everywhere !

I see wallpaper everywhere, and I go back and forth between thinking it’s because my eye is trained to see wallpaper — or it’s because wallpaper actually is popping up everywhere and taking over the world. Commercials, movies and TV, fashion editorial…wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper!  Below, some shots from the May Urban Outfitters catalog sent by Cavern intern-at-large Karli Hendrickson.

Thanks for the images Karli!


Liberty of London for Target

Fabulous intern-at-large Karli Hendrickson just stopped by Target to see the new Liberty of London for Target line.  Sounds like the collection is as amazing in person as it looks online.

Liberty of London has been around since 1875 and is famous for their high quality floral prints. They have even printed patterns by my wallpaper hero William Morris.  I love how the brand applies their style to such a wide range of objects: anything from lamp shades to bikes to Nike sneakers.  Karli also points out how cool it is that such a high-end luxury brand would work with Target.  Design to the people!


Patterns at the New York Armory

Intern-at-Large Karli Hendrickson visited the New York Armory show last week and took these pictures of some fantastic patterns there.  Thanks Karli and congrats on your new job!

Kusama, ‘Fires, Acryic,’ 1987. ( Love her! )

Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, ‘Fog, Watercolor on Paper,’ 2010.

Rachel Hounanian, ‘Memory of the Narcissus # 12,’ 2008

Frost Work, March 15, 2004 by Emily Feather (Bruce Conner) Ink on Paper

Frost Work, February 8, 2004 by Emily Feather (Bruce Conner) Ink on Paper