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For your quilting pleasure. Brought to you by Paisley Magic.




More magnificent crafts by a lass!

Check out these awesome tables and woodworking by the talented Ariele of Brooklyn to West.WOOD


Our dear friend’s ridiculously good looking quilt company in LA- we love all of them! Check out more goodies at www.counterpanehandmade.com


Illustrator: Kay Nielsen

Cliffs notes on Kay Nielsen: He’s a Danish illustrator (1886-1957) and made works for numerous children’s books such as “Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm” and theatrical sets for Disney.

Bombastic paintings by Brady Erickson at Shelter Half in LA.

Designsponge.com posted some images today by Lena Wolff and that must be shared.

National Martin Ramirez Day

So I’m currently reading Murakami’s, “Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”…( I know, I’m so late to that bus). Man in the well? I mean, the book and the these drawings should have tea together. I feel like they’d be best friends.

And for some facts on Martin Ramirez: ( I’m going to let wikipedia take this one): Having migrated to the United States from Tepatitlan, Mexico in 1925, Ramírez was institutionalized in 1931, first at Stockton State Hospital in Stockton, California, then, beginning in 1948, at DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn, near Sacramento, where he made the drawings and collages for which he is now known. At DeWitt, a visiting professor of psychology and art, Tarmo Pasto, came across Ramírez’s work and began to save the large-scale works Ramírez made using available materials, including brown paper bags, scraps of examining-table paper, and book pages glued together with a paste made of potatoes and saliva. His works display an idiosyncratic iconography that reflect both Mexican folk traditions and twentieth-century modernization: images of Madonnas, horseback riders, and trains entering and exiting tunnels proliferate in the work, along with undulating fields of concentric lines that describe landscapes, tunnels, theatrical prosceniums, and decorative patterns.

treehome, sweet treehome

And she even added WALLPAPER!

Mega props to Ms. Meyn, who built this treehome in Brooklyn, NY.