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Black & White in Black & White

Black & White (and a bit in between)

Blackbird on tv

Our awesome assistant found this on an episode of E! Dirty Soaps. And who’s amazing music studio is that??? We love the toilet plunger accessory on the piano…

Courtesy of E!

Cozy, Creative New York Apartment

We adore everything Kara has done with Cavern wallpapers in her apartment. Her space is featured on Apartment Therapy. Vote for her here http://community.apartmenttherapy.com/contests/smallcool/2011/entries/1425

Send us your installation pictures!

We love seeing happy homes for our wallpapers!

Send us your installation pictures to inquire@cavernhome.com

Cavern Blackbird featured in “Wallpaper Projects” book

Authors Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith wrote a fantastic book on creative wallpapering projects. Check out Cavern’s Blackbird and other amazing wallpapering ideas. To order the book click here.

Love these stairs.

Cover an old filing cabinet!

Wallpaper as art.

Blackbird Wallpaper in Portlandia- a new IFC comedy!

Portlandia: Put a bird on it

(click to see video)

Blackbirds on Bravo

I just heard from Karli Hendrickson, Cavern Intern-at-Large, that Bravo’s “Bethany Getting Married?” recently had a scene in which Bethany went shopping for baby clothes.  She apparently went to YOYA, an adorable shop in the west village, that prominently features Cavern’s Blackbird wallpaper.  Here are some cute shots from the store:

Blackbird & Cupcakes

Just saw these installation shots of our Blackbird pattern on Jen Marsh’s charming website, Cattywompus.  This is a cupcake shop in Hoboken apparently.  Charm abounds!

Thanks for the pics Jen!

Using Wallpaper, Even If You’re Afraid Of Commitment

Every once in a while, I get an e-mail from a customer that really stands out.  This one comes from Jennifer, who (like many people) was wary of installing wallpaper permanently.  She ended up mounting the paper onto foam core to great success:

Dear Cavern,

A bit more than two years ago I bought Blackbird in gold/brown.  I gave half to my mother as a gift and kept the other half for myself.  Frankly, though I own my own home, I just didn’t want to put it on a wall.  It felt like too big of a committment (any wonder why I’m still single?)  What if I redecorated?  What if I wanted the birds on a different wall?  What, heaven forbid, if I moved and had to leave it BEHIND?

Solution:  I dry mounted the wallpaper and framed it, so I can now move it around to my heart’s content.  And, even more importantly, take it with me wherever I go!

It’s stunning!  I currently have my framed wallpaper serving as a room divider.  I stare at my wallpaper and am filled with incredible joy by its beauty.

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer!  And congrats on the project!