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New Year, Old Wallpapers

Happy new year! To kick off 2010, here are some photos taken by the always fabulous Karli Hendrickson, Cavern intern at large, on her latest trip to the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic Connecticut.  These are from the Buckingham-Hall House, recreated to look like it might have in the 19th Century.



Karli points out (and I very much agree) that what makes the rooms so visually appealing is the combination of patterns: the delicate, even ornate wallpaper patterns mixed with the bold stripes in the rug or couch.



The patterns create a vibrant energy, a visual business for the eye to explore.  But through conservative color choice, framed pictures, and simple wood furniture, the rooms maintain a cohesive, balanced serenity.  All the elements fit together.



I can’t imagine designing my own apartment to look like a 19th Century coastal town house, but I find the mixing and matching very inspiring. Thanks Karli!


One thought on “New Year, Old Wallpapers

  1. Dear Cavern, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the Burrows and Buckingham house interiors at Mystic Seaport! You may like to know that the carpet in the Burrows house is a style called ‘Venetian carpeting’ and that this particular pattern was taken from a document in a Connecticut historical society, originally woven for a CT ship captain’s home, in colors we chose and was woven by Rabbit Goody at Thistle Hill Weavers in Cherry Hill, NY. The interiors have been carefully developed for accuracy and appeal and we are always flattered when the effort is appreciated!
    Thanks for visiting Mystic Seaport…..come again some time!

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