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Wallpaper in Saratoga Springs

Intern at large Karli Hendrickson just sent me these photos from her jaunt to Saratoga Springs, NY.  First, in a women’s bathroom at restaurant Max London’s, we see lipstick on the walls — real lipstick.  Karli says, ‘the idea is for every woman who goes in to leave a kiss to add to the decor, but the walls are getting pretty full!’  (I hope the walls are clean!)

And then next store to the restaurant is Mrs. London’s bakery, where the wallpaper is as intricate as the fresh baked desserts.  Very Marie Antoinette.  YUM.

Thanks Karli!

Restaurant Wallpaper

Restaurant Wallpaper




A restaurant’s choice to wallpaper can be its single most effective design decision for two reasons.  First, restaurants and stores must quickly establish a design identity that is felt and understood the instant anyone walks in the door.  Especially for street-side establishments (such as this one), wallpaper effectively separates the interior space from its surroundings by presenting large swaths of color and pattern.

Secondly, restaurant wallpaper gives patrons a comforting sense of establishment, permanence. People like regular destinations- places to return to and share with friends.  Like a menu that changes by the season but always maintains its trademark dishes, wallpapered walls suggest a long-term commitment, as if to say, “this place is here to stay.  Get comfortable.  Enjoy yourself.”