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Dreamy Cape Cod House

New York Watertowers in LA

Just got these installation shots from Social Control, a very cool production company in LA, that installed Tom Slaughter’sNYC Watertowers‘ last week.  I’d say the pattern holds up quite well on the West Coast.  Thanks for the photos Jessica!

Using Wallpaper, Even If You’re Afraid Of Commitment

Every once in a while, I get an e-mail from a customer that really stands out.  This one comes from Jennifer, who (like many people) was wary of installing wallpaper permanently.  She ended up mounting the paper onto foam core to great success:

Dear Cavern,

A bit more than two years ago I bought Blackbird in gold/brown.  I gave half to my mother as a gift and kept the other half for myself.  Frankly, though I own my own home, I just didn’t want to put it on a wall.  It felt like too big of a committment (any wonder why I’m still single?)  What if I redecorated?  What if I wanted the birds on a different wall?  What, heaven forbid, if I moved and had to leave it BEHIND?

Solution:  I dry mounted the wallpaper and framed it, so I can now move it around to my heart’s content.  And, even more importantly, take it with me wherever I go!

It’s stunning!  I currently have my framed wallpaper serving as a room divider.  I stare at my wallpaper and am filled with incredible joy by its beauty.

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer!  And congrats on the project!

Wallpaper, wallpaper, everywhere !

I see wallpaper everywhere, and I go back and forth between thinking it’s because my eye is trained to see wallpaper — or it’s because wallpaper actually is popping up everywhere and taking over the world. Commercials, movies and TV, fashion editorial…wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper!  Below, some shots from the May Urban Outfitters catalog sent by Cavern intern-at-large Karli Hendrickson.

Thanks for the images Karli!

New Installation Shot : Migration

Just got this installation shot of Migration in a powder room.

I LOVE wallpaper in bathrooms — for a few reasons:

- You can take more design risks in a bathroom because the stakes are not as high as, say, the living room or the bedroom.

- The small space will enhance the wallpaper effect, allowing the pattern to really pack a punch and define the room.

- It can be a fun surprise when you open a bathroom door and see vibrant color or pattern inside.

- When you have people over, they will end up using the bathroom and complimenting you on your bold, design taste.

- Plus, wallpaper in the bathroom gives everyone something to look at while they’re taking care of business ;)

Thanks for sending the photo Katherine– it looks great!

Wallpaper Projects : Cabinets, Doors

I’m a big fan of using wallpaper in ways beyond traditional wall coverings.  Kara Dake entered her apartment in the apartment therapy small spaces competition and used some Cavern wallpaper scraps — blackbird on her cabinets and thatch on her closet door.  Her space is busy, but the deign elements all go together because she keeps a consistent color pallet.  That is the key to combining patterns.  Congrats Kara!

New ‘Blackbird’ Installation Shot

I just learned about, which looks like a pretty extensive resource for anyone renovating their space.  Cavern seems to be well represented– I have never seen this ‘blackbird’ installation shot but it looks great!  Thanks Suzzy for giving me a heads up about Houzz!

Blackbird in New Zealand

Just got this installation shot from Auckland, New Zealand.  (Those blackbirds are really quite international.) I really like how wallpaper functions at the top of a staircase, expanding the space and revealing itself as you walk closer to it. Thanks for the photo Natasha!

Vintage Wallpapers from Better Homes and Gardens

Eye candy from my favorite design source, the Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Books from 1961 and 1975.  There’s something about these images that really grabs me.  Whether the room is spot on perfect, hilariously dated or even flat-out hideous, I can’t help but enjoy their unique visual attitude and charming vintage quality.  For better or worse, they always make me think, “I can’t believe people actually lived like this.”  Enjoy!